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Low-Carb Fruits?

My diet is way overbalanced on carbs, and low on fruit. So I started eating more bananas, because I like them, only to find out that bananas have a lot of carbs. Any tips for low carb fruits, or how to incorporate fruits into meals? Thanks!
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Such a curious statement: "My diet is way overbalanced on carbs, and low on fruit". I mean, it's obvious, cuz fruits are based on carbs above all(and vitamines, microelements and etc.) but it's so called "healthy carbs"(apples, pineapples, oranges). U may eat it being on a diet. it's ok. But u should know there are some fruits(bananas, for instance) having a lot of starch, or grapes - it has much sugar ,so it's not so good for super-healthy meal. But u may eat 1-2 bananas on breakfast - it won't break your diet. The importent thing - don't  eat many carbs (even healthy ones) in the evening.
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I assume you want to lose weight. Simply eat more meat and veg. Lots of nuts, protein shakes, eggs etc. Dont stop eating carbs altogether, just eat less.
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