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Low carb low calorie meals?

Hi just wondering if anyone knows of any good low carb and low calorie meals and the recipes for them. I am literally the worst person when it comes to cooking meals low in these two factors! Please help thanks!!
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Low carb and low calorie are kind of hard to get in the same meal.  A lot of low carb ideas are pretty high in fat (good fat that metabolizes differently, like olive oil or avacados).  From what I've seen, people have to choose between either a caloric based diet or a carbohydrate diet.

A small piece of chicken or fish and a small green salad with a splash of oil and vinegar/salt and pepper is a good meal with carbs and calories?
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Eat lots of veggies; they have complex carbs, which are the "good" ones, because they provide your dietary fiber.  They take longer to digest, so they don't spike blood sugar, like simple carbs do.
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Hiye! I go for frozen raw seafood (mussel. baby squids, shrimps). Cooked in a frying pan with a bit of olive oil. No salt added, not needed, when sea food is cooked (shrimps turned to pink) I add some garlic and parsley finely chopped and white pepper. YUM YUM!! (100g = 11.8g protein,1g fat, 0 carbs, 56kcal). If you don't like seafood try pork tenderloin. Very low fat meat, very versatile, actually cheap. Yet all the veggies excluded starchy (potatoes) are very low in calories and and the carbs are not that bad. I frequently cook green beans, little olive oil, cherry or canned peeled plum tomatoes, cappers if liked.green beans is another frozen food always present in my freezer. These are just three suggestions. Enjoy.
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I just bought a crock pot cookboom written by the American Heart Association that contains really easy, healthy recipes to make.  Plus they're delicuous!  And as a bonus, it gives you the nutritional breakdown of the calories, sodium, etc per serving.  It's called "healthy slow cooker cookbook".  I believe it's $17 retail at barnes n noble.
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