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Low fat diet

I started a low fat diet to-day and am using alli a weight loss aid. I never dreamed I would use an aid but a friend did very well on it and looks well. Having a job to read small print for food though I need new glasses! The idea seems to be low fat diet which I agree with, any ideas? I have jacket potatoes without butter, baked beans, salad, cereal, not very imaginative to-day! Oh, and Tuna.
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I have been doing wieght watchers for the last 7 months, so far I have lostjust over 2 stone. I could have lost a lot more but I have been a bit slack about it. I am aiming to lose another couple of stones, I have a badly damaged ankle so being a low weight is important. I tried a low fat diet first but found it to be too hard to stick too as it was quite restrictive. Good thing about weight watchers is you can eat what you like, trouble is if you eat high calorie foods (therefore high in points) you go hungry once your points are used. This teaches you to eat food that is good for you. The first couple months were a bit of hassle but once I got my head around caculating the points it was easy.

I do not buy food that comes pre made as you have no control over what is in it. The main changes I have made are more about changing cooking methods and recipe's. For instance using cooking sprays insted of oil, most are less than a calorie per spray so instantly less than oil. I cook with quorn a lot too as this has no fat content, it takes a bit of experimetation to get the flavour of dishes good though. Pay attention to the size of carbohydrate portions too, suprised me how much I was eating that I did not need too. Poach fish and meat. Use marg insted of butter, the olive oil ones are good.

When I started weight watchers I focused on making a few meals that were low points and then slowly increased the dishes I cooked adjusting recipes as needed..

I hope that helps some!

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ha ha stones..how I remember them .... I have also put on a few pounds and I dont really know why I am eating the same, but I am not as active so I am going to pick up my exercise and get out pounding the side walks again , I used to power walk and never put on am ounce ..but times change ...I have also been taking some herbal supplements and they may have helped with the weight gain ..anyway any tips for better eating are what I would like also ...
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I thought I would 'go it alone' and then re-join weight watchers who are only across the road. Their meetings are so positive, I lost about 3 stone 3 years ago with them. A bit tight at first but got used to it. I got fed up with packet meals but of course you do not have to use them.

I have 2 knee replacements so am also limited mobility wise and of course my weight does not help them. I am 175 pounds now, had to change the settings on the scales, only Brits talk in stones!

2 stone in 7 months is good going! one tip is to try picking up a bag of potatoes weighing 2 stone and think of the pressure it puts on your heart.

Thank you so much for your time again and I look forward to being support to you.

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