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Low fat or low in sugar to lose weight

I want to lose weight but don't want to drastically change my diet all at once.. Would you recommend to start off cutting fats, or sugars first? I want to develop a healthy lifestyle not just a fad diet.
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Start with your refridge make good choices, one at a time if you need to. Over time, eating healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, lean meats and whole grains will become second nature. As you stock your fridge with these foods, slowly remove junk foods like candy, soda and cookies, processed foods. many fruits are high in sugar check the web on fruits that
are high in sugar.

If you smoke, use drugs or drink to much alcohol, cut back or quit. If you need to Join a support group. If you have stress that can mess with your life!
Everyone has some stress, try meditation.
You need to start an exercise program!!
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Hi ctown123
     You don't need to lessen the food the way you eat, just to lose weight. You just need to work "hard" in the gym.  
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Ive started the 8 week blood suger diet by Dr Michael Mossley i would suggest you read the book. Even if you dont do it. But low fat is in fact not good for you. im eating tasty fresh food and its a lifestyle change.
Two other good books by Steven Masley MD  30 Day Heart Tune-Up
and Smart Fat.
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Cheers im doing ok but open to anything that helps.  Im seeing quick results and i think that its a great motivator. I feel more energised. im not a gym person find it totally mind numbing but know i need to tone too
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Eating healthy is just the way to go. I recommend to know what your body needs at your height, weight, female. Google how much your body needs of the nutrition in foods. We need sugar, carbs and such but in moderation. If you begin dieting, then you get bored eating same foods so I just try and eat healthy to keep a normal life of eating! Good luck to you!
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