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Muffin Bread.

Hey everyone I came up with a new idea tonight that actually worked.  LOL  If you want a snack that is fairly healthy.  Try baking your favorite bread in a muffin pan.

I was making banana bread tonight and was going to bake 2 loafs and for the heck of it decided to make only one loaf and put the other loaf into muffins.  It takes less time and works out great.  For a quick breakfast on the run, late snack or sweet tooth have a muffin bread with an apple or orange.  

Maybe stupid to share, I don't know; nevertheless, I thought I would share it with you all.  Take care;  Me.
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That's not stupid!  Thats a very good idea.  Far better to have something like that on hand, than to stop at McD's for something you'll regret later.

If I have a loaf of something in the house, sometimes I pick and pick at it until I've eaten a lot of it.  With muffins, its far easier to package them and put them in the freezer to heat up quickly when you need it.

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No problem.  The way I came up with this was odd.  I ran slightly short on my bread flour for 2 loafs and decided to throw the rest into a muffin pan.  
They turned out tasting better than the loaf of bread.  LOL  
So I thought.....Ok cool.  I or my husband on a run can grab one of these along with an orange or apple for breakfast or just a hunger attack and would be perfect or along with a 70 calorie snack size package of apricots (yummy...my favorite).  I came up with the name of Muffin bread just because it makes me laugh and sounds so dog gone cute.  LOL  ha ha.  TAKE CARE.....ME.
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Great idea!  I love banana bread but it never turns out when I make it- I bet this would work perfect.  
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