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Need help: Recipes that are non-dairy that kids really like

I was hoping I might get some good recommendations to recipes that kids will eat and like that have no dairy. My son is probably allergic to dairy, and I'm having a hard time finding meals to feed him that have no dairy. Lately all I can come up with is pasta, chicken, and rice (or the like), plus fruits and veggies. But I'm getting burnt out on those.
Trouble is that Trevor, being a typical kid, doesn't really like things like potatoes, fish, salads, or all-veggie dinners (although he does like eggplant, surprisingly enough). So please, I need some help, because I'm getting pretty sick of spaghetti and baked chicken with bread crumbs, now that those are pretty much the only things he'll eat that don't have dairy.

The things he will definitely eat are:
-pasta (especially spaghetti)
-baked beans
-peas, corn, raw baby carrots (he doesn't like cooked carrots), and eggplant
-grapes, apples, oranges, bananas, stawberries, and pears
-bread (as in rolls, muffins, bisquits, sandwiches)

The things he will sometimes eat (if he thinks I've prepared them right) are:
-turkey burger (I do not buy beef or pork)
-cooked spinach
-mashed potatoes

The things he refuses to eat are:
-green beans
-lima beans
-cooked carrots
-leafy greens
-bell peppers
-raw peaches/nectarines
-baked potatoes
-refried beans
-any fish other than salmon or tuna

I just want to make something *different* for once that's not an "average meal," but will be safe for him to eat and that he will like.
If anyone could recommend non-dairy popular "kid-friendly" recipes, I'd greatly appreciate it!
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Try doing a stir fry (shrimp, chicken, beef or pork) and use one of the Asian vegetable mixes (he might like the different veggies in it) and a stir fry sauce that you think he might like.  Put it over rice.  Does he like Chinese food?  You could do a lot with those flavours.

My son always loved corn flake chicken.  Take boneless, skinless chicken thighs, dip in beaten egg with salt & pepper and then into crushed cornflakes and then bake in oven.  Serve with a dipping sauce he might like (honey mustard, thai sweet chili, etc.)

Try omellettes or frittatas for supper.  YOu can hide veggies in it.  Quiche can be made using soy or rice milk.

Make stews and soups in a slow cooker.

Good luck!
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Thank you!
I'll definitely post back with any recipes that are a hit. :-)
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Try these (collection of dairy free recipes from all recipes):


or these:


or here:


Bound to be something he likes in these!  If you try any and they are good, please come back and review/post the recipe, ok?
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How about coke chicken?    you can use diet coke or coke.. 1 cup ketchup and 1 can coke and how ever much chicken you wish..boneless, skinless.  mix ketchup and coke together and pour over chicken and either place in crock pot all day.  or the stove top and cook on med high for about an hour.  sort of like sweet chicken. and serve over rice.

I also make a  sweet rice using cooked rice and cinnamon and sugar..you could also use a sugar sub  if needed

just use regular rice with the coke chicken..its already sweet.

hope this helps a little
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