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Real life good for you foods that we'll all eat

Okay, so I was thinking about this.  What if we had a running thread on good for you foods that are low in fat, high in nutrients, and normal every day foods.  I do like to experiment with the super foods, and what I consider non mainstream healthy food options but that takes effort.  

What if I'm just at the grocery picking up things to have?  That I don't have to blend in a blender, etc.


Kroger brand low sugar peanut butter.  Really tasty and can put it on celery, bread things, wafer crackers or just with a spoon for a quick protein boost.

There I started it, any ideas?  I'm going to keep adding to this for food options I can just get down a regular shopping aisle at the grocery store.  :>)
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My favorite nuts are macadamia and pecans, as they provide the highest amount of healthy fat while being on the lower end in terms of carbs and protein. Raw macadamia nuts also contain high amounts of vitamin B1, magnesium, and manganese, while pecans boast more than 19 different vitamins and minerals that studies suggest can help you lower LDL cholesterol and promote healthy arteries.
Just one serving of macadamia nuts net 58% of what you need in manganese and 23% of the recommended daily value of thiamine. Moreover, about 60% of the fatty acid in macadamia is the
monounsaturated fat oleic acid. This is about the level found in olives, which are well known for their health benefits.
Walnuts are also known for their health-boosting properties, which includes anti-cancer activity (slashing breast cancer risk in mice by 50%, and reducing prostate cancer growth by 30%-40%), and improved reproductive health in men.
Just one-quarter cup of walnuts also provides more than 100% of the daily recommended value of plant-based omega-3 fats, along with high amounts of copper, manganese, molybdenum, and biotin.
It’s thought that up to 90% of the antioxidants in walnuts are found in the skin, making it one of the healthiest parts to consume. In some cases, the skin can be rather bitter, which is why most people tend to peel it off, but by doing so you’re actually removing some of the healthiest parts.
For the greatest health boost, look for nuts that are organic and raw, not irradiated or pasteurized. When it comes to almonds, be aware that even those labeled “raw” are typically pasteurized when sold in the US. The reason for this goes back to a couple of salmonella outbreaks in 2001 and 2004 that were traced back to raw almonds. As a result, as of September 1, 2007 virtually all almonds must be pasteurized before being sold. If you
want truly raw almonds that have not undergone some form of pasteurization (oil- or dry roasting, blanching, steam processing or propylene oxide (PPO) treatment), you’ll need to seek out vendors selling in small quantities who have a waiver from the pasteurization
Next I'm going to tell you about Turmeric!!
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