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Salad For Better Health.....

I want to know that in salad what can we take? And I have also query that when and how much salad we have to take for get better health???
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lots of good salad ingreds .. all are healthy I put up a thread last week about it, scroll down for the ideas that the folks here had for me , I have tried some since , most veg , cheese , feta is good, chicken, chick peas were suggested and I have found them a great thing in salad ,I like Beets...nuts .
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just don't load your salad down with a cup of cheddar cheese like most folks do and make sure you are choosing a salad dressing that isn't high fat and tons of calories. so many yummy vinaigrette's out there to chose from!  Making your own dressing from scratch is easy too and reduces the amount of preservatives and artificial ingredients.  Sure we all love some ranch dressing but just don't make that your every day dressing :)

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It's a good idea to weigh out the salad items you are using to ensure you are getting enough. As a guide 80-100g of most fruit/vegetables/pulses including 'salad' items (excluding potato as it is a starch) is considered a portion. It is suprising how little most salad items weigh. Again, as a guide, you want to aim for at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. This can include pure friut juice preferably unsweetened, a portion is about 150ml. You could consume all 5 portions in a single meal but most people split them up through out the day, prehaps having 3 portions with thier main meal.

It is considered important to eat lots of fruit and vegetables as they contian vital vitamins and minerals, act as a roughage which can improve digestion and many believe help to prevent certain types of cancer.
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Red bell pepper add a huge amount of flavor to a romaine or spinach salad.  Plus its packed with vitamins. Use goat or feta cheese and that adds enough flavor you won't need much dressing.  Keep your dressing on the side and dip your fork into it.  That way you control how much dressing you eat.  You can use a potato peeler to slice carrots right into your salad.  Saves time and not very messy.

Handy tip:

When you buy romaine the first time you use it clean it all and tear it up.  All the lettuce you don't use put it in a plastic zipper bag with a paper towel.  This way you have it handy for a few more meals.  You can do the same with your favorite salad veggies.  Have them cut up already so you can whip up a salad in no time.  I have been doing this and find myself eating a lot more salad.
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