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What's on YOUR grocery list?!

So I haven't been in here in a long while and wanted to drop by. I really need new ideas and yummy but healthy, low calorie and low fat recipes. The part that I struggle with, though, is the grocery list. I go to the store and feel so overwhelmed by choices and if there is even a smidge of corn syrup or MSG in something I put it back. We end up with bare cabinets or unhealthy choices. And of course budget is a major part of this, too.

SHARE YOUR SHOPPING LIST! I'd love to see them and compare. And if you want to include what's on the menu with your list, please do! Secrets, tips... whatever. I'm eager to eat them all up.
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Wow! this looks just like MY grocery list, add some fresh tomatoes and cans of diced tomatoes and sauce and green olives, wellah
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Why do you not buy corn syrup or MSG?
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Too funny!  I love my Aerogarden (my son bought it for me for Christmas) and my first herbs are on their way - so fast.  We have two cats and I put it on top of my microwave which is on a stand and surrounded it with salt & pepper containers, etc. so they can't get at it.  The herbs that come with it don't have cilantro which is what I use the most of so next round will be planting loads of that.

I am trying to move to dried beans and am cooking with dried pintos and chickpeas today.  Hubby and I are doing baked beans and falafel's.
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Get out of my head, woman!  With the small differene that I don't eat meat, that's my list!

So for me, take out the meat items and add some tofu, replace the canned beans with dry,  replace eggs with egg substitute, veggie broth, and add flour (whole wheat, rye, and all-purpose) because I bake bread at home.  And add soy milk, but only if there's a good sale goin' on.

I also buy a head of cabbage each week.  It's amazing how you can bulk up just about anything with some chopped cabbage, for very little money and calories.

Do you like the Aerogarden?  I don't think I could make that work in my aprartment with cats, but they look really neat!

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I cant cook, so for variety's sake:

-Very Vanilla Yoplait Yogurt
-Honeycrisp apples
-Egg Beaters
-Low fat granola without raisins
-Ramen noodles
-Diet pop
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I cook from scratch so keep a good supply of staples and then supplement them with other things after I have found recipes or meal planned for the week.  My staples seem to be:

- chicken broth (in addition to my homemade)
- carrots and celery (use in soups)
- onions and garlic
- olive oil and canola oil
- boneless skinless chicken thighs (I can always make something with them, they are healthy and lower in cost than breasts)
- pork tenderloin (low cost, lean, easy to cook and healthy)
- potatoes, white & brown rice, pastas
- salad fixings
- red wine and balsamic vinegar
- oatmeal and cornflakes (love crushed ones as a breading on chicken thighs)
- milk and O.J.
- cans of beans (chick peas, white kidney beans, navy beans, etc.)
- Parmesan and low fat cheddar cheese
- eggs and bread and butter
- lean ground beef and turkey
- lean stewing beef (you can always make a quick stew in the slow cooker)
- low fat sour cream and mayo
- frozen shrimp
- cans of salmon and tuna
- white and whole wheat flour

I buy my spices in bulk and store in magnetic containers on the fridge.  Keep your nuts in the freezer so stay fresh.  I am now growing my own herbs in my Aerogarden.  I usually keep fresh broccoli or cauliflower but good to keep a supply of frozen or canned veggies for an emergency.
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