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What's the best thing you ever ate made with goat cheese?

What's the best thing (healthy of course) you ever ate made with goat cheese?
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The only time I have had goats cheese is in the local Barons , where they put out lots of snacks and samples,, they had goats cheese with some preserve on it and a cracker, I have to say I enjoyed it , I think it seemed less calorific than other soft cheeses, so I would like to hear how I could use it ....
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I love it on salad - mixed greens or arugula (my fav), some toasted walnuts (you can candy them if you like), some fruit (sliced strawberries, pomegranates, mandarin oranges, blueberries - whatever you like) and then some crumbled soft goat's cheese.  Make a dressing of olive oil, wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, tough of dijon and a hint of honey and serve.  

I also put in quiche, sometimes on pizza (Mediterranean style), you can fry it and add to salads (cut in rounds, dip in flour, then egg then panko) and I've made a few different stuffed chicken recipes that used it in the stuffing.

Always be sure you have fresh cheese.  
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It is also one of those cheeses that are stronger in flavor so you only need a bit.
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I've never had goats cheese, I've only ever had goats milk. It tastes just like 2% milk. I didn't know it was a strong cheese. I've heard of it on homemade pizzas and salads like TrudieC said. Something I need to add to my list of trying. There are tons of things I've always wanted to try but with limited grocery money I keep it pretty simple. My list is a mile long so I'll get to it just not sure when.LOL
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I prefer the soft goats cheese to the hard stuff. The soft stuff tastes even better if it is warmed/grilled/blasted with a blow torch.  Get some soft Goat cheese and cut into slices abot 1-2cm thick, if you get some hot water and put the knife in that for a while it makes this much easier. Thickness depends on the cheese some are crumblier and therefor a thicker slice is needed.

Get some brioche (a sweet rich type of bread, the sweetness works well with the cheese) and cut slice to  a similar thickness as the cheese. Toast both sides of the brioche one less than the other. place the goats cheese on the less toasted side and place this back under the grill till it is golden brown and slightly melted.

This can be eaten like that. Or it can be served with a roasted vegetable salad. Red bell peppers, red onion, mushroom, corgette, aubergene, with a crispy lettuce work well. Dress salad with reduced balsamic vinegar (it goes very thick and sweetens, it's very good).

I also some times (it's not that healthy) make a spinch, red pepper, sun dried tomato and goats cheese tart, using filo pastry as the crust.
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it's not the best thing I ever had with goat's cheese but when we were in yellowstone last summer, they actually made goat cheese croutons for on my salad. certainly different. think it was made from grass fed goat milk too so it had that 'wilder' taste to it/bite.  I guess they somehow deep fried the cheese - didn't seem to be much of a breading on it.  Something a little different on the salad besides just regular ole goat cheese.

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