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diet pills

can u take diet pills in order to get your diet going...along with excersize  and good eating...

would diet pills in the begining help to lose weight....if you keep up the diet and working out will it help keep the wieght off with out the diet pills?
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I am skeptical about using diet pills.  Years ago, I did and they did curtail my appetite but then when the weight was lost and a year or so went by, when the eating habits didn't change, the weight came back.

Now I am working on different areas:  exercise, nutrition, spiritual being a few areas.

It would be good to do good research on what diet pills you are considering as to how effective they are and what the side-effects, if any, are.

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many of the diet pills just are loaded with caffeine and other stimulants to keep you jumpy and to help you pee more than usual.  Other diet products just help you pee more and poop more.  You really need to do your homework before buying them.

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thanks... yea i have been reading about them and its about 50/50 thing half say they work and the other half say waste of money....

i wasnt planning on just popping diet pills... i am really gettin focused about losing weight ie eating better and walking/working out....i just wanted a jump start lose ten lbs and keep it off with my consistant working out and eating healthy
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got any friends who you can get to do this along with you? I think it's easier to do when you have the support of friends instead of trying to change your eating habits while your friends are inviting you out for cheese steaks, wings and donuts...sigh.

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When it comes to diet pills, they really don't make you lose weight by themselves at all, they help in two ways:
1- give you a boost of energy (from the caffeine and other stimulants) so you work harder, and this is what makes them effective really.
2- they claim to suppress appetite and increase resting heart rate so you burn more calories during the day, but this is negligible and you can attain the same effect by drinking a couple cups of coffee a day or so.

so in summary they do help, but they help you to work harder, in the end you're the one doing all the hard work to lose the weight.

Good luck.
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