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healthy foods

does it matter to eat healthy after you turn around 20?

because when we are growing i know you need to eat healthy food to grow, but once your done growing does it matter?

also what healthy foods are good to eat?
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Healthy food is critically important for every human being through out their life.
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It's never too late to change your eating habits, in fact it's I your twenties where bad foods are harder to burn off than when you're in your teens.
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Or the library is full of books on nutrition.  Yes, we need to eat healthy our whole lives and especially as we age.  Try to eat a low cholesterol diet which means cutting out some of the fats.  

Basically, there is much to cover regarding nutrition.  Do you have any specific questions?  
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If you live in the US you can go to healthfood stores.  They often have magazines for free you can read and the people there are very knowledgeable.  Healthy food is the best way to avoid disease.  Colorful, unprocessed vegetables, fruits, and lean sources of protein free of antibiotics are all healthy.  Nuts in reasonable amounts are good also, but peanuts are not very good for you.  
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