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healthy recipes anyone can recommend?

Anyone have healthy recipes? I have a two year old daughter and am trying to get her to eat more veggies and healthy foods. She will not eat veggies no matter how they are made. And advice on how I could prepare it differently to wherer she would even know. And any recipes for myself. I am just about 22 wks pregnant and need help eating healthier.
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It's proven over and over again that children respond to meals better when there is only a choice of 2 items on their plates. As long as there is a protein and a vegetable on her plate you can feel good about what you are giving her. If she doesn't eat it, that's okay too.Hi   Congats on the upcoming baby and your little 2 year old,.They do go through this phase of being difficult to find food they like that are good for them, as she is picky I would also make sure she is getting some supplements/ vits . Some Moms hide veggies in other foods they will eat, but if she is eating fruits I wouldn't be too concerned, and best not get any battle going to get her to eat veg. Beans and peas are acceptable to little ones very often, it may be their shape lol
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Thank you. And yes she is very picky on what she eats. She will not eat veghies at all. We tried so many ways and triwd to even hide it with other foods. She knows the taste and what veggies is what. I will try once in awhile but wont fight with her to eat it. Once again thanks
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yup it only sets up anxiety, it will change so dont try hard make sure she has vits and fruits..the veg will come along later ...good luck
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I always find that my kids like when I give them a opinion. 'would you like broccoli or asparagus with dinner tonight?' or better yet let her pick out some fruits and vegetables when at the store. even though she is only two getting her involved will help and maybe get you to try new things too. My three yr old son wanted to get a spaghetti squash a couple days while at three store a couple days ago. i've never cooked one in my life but I figured why not, ill get it and find a recipe.
also grating veggies into things is a great way to sneak it in. I love grating zucchini into ground beef and ground turkey when making all kinds of things. just grate one or two green zucchini and cook it down to reduce the moisture in it then add your ground meat and cook like normal. specially in tacos or sloppy joes you cant tell its there at all.
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Hi there and welcome!!  

Yes, getting kids involved in the decision process and prep process is a great way to build their interest in what they are eating.  And I agree . . .  I sneak thingsi n all the time.

I also have found 'dipping' things helps in various situations.  One of my sons is tentative about eating broccoli----  he now dips it in barbeque sauce and will eat it that way.  Ranch dressing is another that gets my kids eating carrots!
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You could try making her a vegie pita pizza,  They are very easy to make and are healthy so long as you use whole wheat pitas, just simply cut them in half and top with a tiny bit of pizza sauce and I get the skim mozzarella cheese, then top with some veggies of your choice...though you may need to hide them under the cheese to get her to take a bite.  Sometimes disguising the taste of the vegetable in sauce and cheese is enough...I have to do it to my husband from time to time to get him to eat any lol,  

Another dish is pot pies or possibly pot roasts.  There are lots of healthy variations on the internet for those recipes, but if your goal is simply to add more veggies to her diet than any normal variation would work just as well.  

Keep trying though.  I know some kids prefer the taste of certain veggies over others.  I suggest maybe starting with the basics most kids love like corn and potatoes (if you soak potatoes in water the night before you can cut out most of the starch in them) and possibly green beans.  I remember as a kid tomato soup and mushroom soup were two ways my mom introduced me to some "advanced" veggies.  And the way she made an Italian salad turned me onto lettuce...

Good luck to you :)
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