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Hello my name is Anna & I'm new to this app, I have already told a friend about it, anyway I love doing meal planning but still isn't the best at it, as our food budget has changed a lot, so anyone know how to feed a family of 7 on a smaller budget & still eat healthy, I am also looking for low sugar recipes as me & my hubby are diabetic & I don't like the fake sugar stuff. I love crockpot cooking, I love desserts, I look forward to all the responses.
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I love to make soups. I start with a soup base that has very little sodium. It's sold in glass jars in 5 flavors.
I also know how to boil the bones. To make home made broth.
  I have no children but dreamed of having  5.
I make restaurant size portions & use the freezer a lot.
So at mealtime it's just defrost & add more seasonal vegetables.  Maxy
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Hi there!  Welcome to the group.  I will definitely add some recipes for you,  A family of 7!!  Wow, that is a big one.  My husband was one of 7 kids and then his parent, so 9 people. His mom sure made the budget spread out!!  

I think one thing with kids that is important is food they'll actually eat.  Do you ever do anything like substitute ground chicken for ground beef?  That has really helped me stay more to the lean meats while pleasing my kids with things like spaghetti for dinner (which you can spread a long way).  

You can buy a cut up chicken (removing fat and skin) or a large pack of chicken breasts and marinate them (here is a good marinade----  packet of Zesty Italian Seasoning (powder), juice of one lemon, zest of lemon, 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar, 1/3 cup olive oil, oregano)---  can grill chicken (reserving a big of marinade before putting over chicken to baste meat in ) or bake and it is quite tasty.  I make a simple topping for the chicken of cut up mango (2 mango gives a fair amount), cilantro (50 cents for a bunch and goes a long way, you can then make black bean lasagna and other things to use up as well as I share my bunch of cilantro with a neighbor and she does the same with me as it is had to use up) and if you want some heat with that a diced jalapeno pepper and then squeeze a lime over this.  I put that over the chicken and put the whole thing over brown rice.  Family favorite at my house.  

I think stir fries go a long way.  Cut up chicken, heat oil in large skillet or wok, cook and remove.  Cut up any fresh vegitables your family will eat (this is red pepper, pea pods, carrots, broccoli at my house) and add to pan and cook until crisp tender.  Then you can add any kind of sauce you are interested in.  I like an orange sauce which is basically a bit of soy sauce mixed with orange juice and thickened with corn starch but don't know if that is too much sugar for you???  You place that in the middle of vegitables and heat it---  til thickened. Then add back meat.  this goes a really long way.  

I have a crock pot chop suey recipe that is low fat and a family crowd pleaser that I'll get for you as well as a few others.

I put chicken in the crock pot this weekend---  I used breasts and then took the skin off of legs.  anyway, place carrots in bottom of crock pot, cut up an onion or two and do the same, then new potatoes quartered.  Place all in crockpot.  put pepper on this,.  Then place chicken over this.  Then pour chicken broth over it.  for 3 skinless chicken breasts and 5 legs, I used 2 cups of chicken broth but you can use less.  then use pepper and whatever spice you like.  I like rosemary and happened to have some fresh rosemary so put sprigs of it in the crock pot surrounding the chicken.  but you could use whatever you like----  thyme, marjoram, oregano, etc.  

It cooks and the meat is really tender, there is a broth with it and the vegetables.  Really easy and low fat/healthy.  
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