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this working for anyone?

I just downloaded this app and so far so good. I put in what I had for breakfast and lunch and what im going to have for dinner. I NEED to loose 40lbs! And so im on a strict 1300 calorie diet. How do you stay committed?  And has this app helped you with that? Also any tips on healthy dinners and quick lunches!? :)
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I've managed to loose 50 pounds since last summer by tracking what I eat - and adding some exercise.  If mindless eating is your problem (it was mine for sure) then writing down everything you eat really helps.  If nothing else it makes eating annoying enough to think twice.  And if you are using the app and lookng at your daily calorie count you start planning ahead.  I do Slim fast shake for breakfast because that is a set 212 calories.  I've got out munching - but I assume I'll have one of the skinny cow ice cream treats every day.  I honestly didn't think this would work but it did.

If you are at all technical, think of this as conducting an experiment.  That helps.
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First good luck.

I lost 19 lbs on with this app and also with exercise too since 1/18/14.  

Your looking for high protein foods that will keep you fuller longer.  Oatmeal, Greek yogurt with granola is good.  Then snacks should be your low calorie foods like  carrots, cuncumbers, fruit etc.

Remember to exercise and drink your water.  I went from putting sugar in my tea to adding none and drinking regular soda to drinking diet or a zero coke and it's helped a lot.  This snow has helped too!  Shoveling our driveway has given me more exercise.  Yoga helps tone my out of shape body.
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