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whfoods.org: good or not?

Hi - I'm new here & just beginning weight watchers. More important than my focus on losing weight is my focus on learning how to cook healthy. I love to cook! I just come from a very heavy meat & potatoes background, as does my husband. Honestly I am not going to ever be perfect about eating everything healthy, but I would like to make a lot of what goes in my mouth beneficial to better health. So looking around on the web I found www.whfoods.org & I have been thoroughly impressed so far. Does anyone else visit this site? Are they are a good resource for healthy cooking or are they a food fad that is nothing but empty text? I would love to hear some opinions.
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Thanks a a ton for the wonderful tips & I am glad to know the site seems to have legit advice. ^_^

Thank you too Grace for the tip about the WW recipies.
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I also use s p a r k p e o p e o p l e and I like it for creating my own recipes.
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MH doesn't like one of the sites I mentioned as it competes but their recipes are good - s p a r k p e o p l e  *******.
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Fantastic site!  I am rather obsessive about healthy cooking and a mad collector of recipes.  There are oodles here on MedHelp - if you go to the archives you can see them or if you search this community on a specific ingredient or title you will find a list.  I'm hoping we can get more active with posting good ones again.

I've used quite a number of sites to get recipes - ***********, channel4.com/food/recipes/healthy/cook-yourself-thin/index.html, lower-cholesterol-today.com/healthy-heart-recipes.html, cheaphealthygood.blogspot.com/, Web MD and kittencalskitchen.com/ (she posts low fat recipes every Tuesday) and I know Peekawho used to get a lot from Hungry Girl.

You can still do meat and potatoes but modify them.  Here is what I do:
- use leaner cuts, marinating where it makes sense
- try not to fry - broil, bake or barbecue where you can
- use yukon gold potatoes, don't peel them, steam them and then mash with whatever of these you like - healthy margarine and some skim milk, low fat sour cream, chicken stock
- change how you make gravy - pour all your drippings into a gravy separator or a glass measuring cup.  Let everything settle and then pour off the fat.  Add the good stuff back to the pan.  Add additional stock, wine (red wine in a beef gravy is awesome) or vegetable water and flavor to your liking.  Once cooked make a slurry of cornstarch (mis cornstarch with some cool water and stir) and then add to thicken.  Stir, heat and serve.  This tremendously cuts down on the fat.
- Be creative with your veggies.  My family loves everything roasted.  Cut up and put on a cookie tray, toss with some healthy olive oil or canola oil, S& P and maybe a spice if you like, roast at 350 for 45 minutes (or less if small).  I like to add a tbsp maple syrup in the last 15 minutes.  Carmelized veggies rock!

Good luck with your weight loss.  Glad you could join us.
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never heard of them before.

have you tried cooking from the WW cookbook?  they also have all those recipes on their website too.  get your money's worth out of your membership dues!!!

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