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Do you coupon shop?

I try.  I really try.  But it is so hard to organize them and remember what I have.  Does anyone coupon successfully and do you have any tips?
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I am not any type of extreme couponer.  However, I do my best to use coupons and search the sale ads hitting a few different grocery stores.  I like when I look at that bill and saved $5, $10, or $15.  I would like to attend a couponing class for extra help.  I get my coupons in the paper, and have also asked an elderly neighbor if she would be willing to give me any she doesn't need.  I flip through the ads, only pull sheets that have coupons I will actually use, pitch the rest on the spot.  Kids sometimes help clip and organize in the piles and I file them in a small organizer.  I know I don't spend more than 2 hours a week total.  I flip through them when looking at the ads and pull what I need out before I go to the store so they are ready and I don't have to dig for them.  If I spot an unexpected deal, then I will dig them out while at the store.

I have tried printing on-line coupons but feel I spend more on ink and paper than I actually get out of the coupon.  I am also not a huge phone app user but I know there are gems there.  

I am not a facebook person, however, our local stores have fb accounts and post specials.  One store has the Wednesday Drive-by with a "buy these 4 items for dinner for only $6"...or something like that which really saves money as well.

Sorry for the long post...it's just that my kids and their friends eat SO MUCH so I am always looking for ways to save.  Oh, and I hit the Farmer's Market for fruits, veggies, organic meats and eggs as they are usually better quality and cheaper this time of year.  I buy in season and freeze for winter.

Anybody who has tips for saving money....please share.  Apparently, I have to keep feeding my kids and they are eating me out of house and home.:)
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Wow, good tips. That's my problem.  I clip the coupons and then they drive me crazy.  I have a hard time making the clipped coupons usable.  

Have you ever heard of adding them to you store card---  I shop at Krogers frequently and have the Krogers discount card (where you scan your card and onsale items at the store are reduced)===  someone mentioned to me that you can load coupons to that card.  I need to investigate that!  

Yes, any money saving tips---  please post!
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