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Exercise when in the house?

When you can't get to a gym or it is a bad weather day, what do you do in the house that is considered exercise?  (I know chasing kids is constant exercise but you know what I mean . . .)
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My favorite is to crank music and have dance parties with the kids (or, by myself).  This may not be considered traditional workout regimen, but it gets the heart rate going and lots of laughs along the way.:)

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That's a good idea.  We are housebound for rain . . . again.  I thought about setting up a mini boot camp but it's hard to be motivated for that.  I'm in a rut this week.  Boo.  
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Sometimes we use paint tape to make a hopscotch in the house, hula hoop contests, Wii Fit.  Mini boot camp sounds like work.:)
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Ha, boot camp is work.  I told my son were going to have a push up/plank contest and he looked at me like I was nuts.  It hasn't happened yet today, of course.  

Ugh, I need to get myself moving.  

Do you like Wii Fit?   I don't have that but thought about it.  

I like kickboxing and have a dvd.  I thought I could get my boys doing that.  
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Yes, we do love the Wii Fit.  Like anything else, it wears out and then comes back around.  I want to get a bag to hang in the basement for kicking and punching.  Used to love doing that until my joints decided to betray me.  But, when joints are feeling ok, I love to get some kicks and hits in.:)  What a stress reliever.  
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I have never exercised in a gym since I started my weight loss journey, youtube has some extremely effective weight loss videos, lately all I've done are fitnessblender and they are amazing! Kick your butt, but amazing, and there are thousands of videos for free!
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So, do you watch them on our computer or do you have a smart tv you can put them on?  

I made it to the gym today . .   finally.  I did my boot camp class.  Ha, TORTURE!!  

I'll check out the youtube videos.

I did see this list of quick things you can do in just a few minutes that burns 100 calories.  I might post that!

May have to check out wii fit too.  I wonder if my kids would do that with me?
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I do them on my computer most of the time, my computer is in a big room so it's easiest, the videos I do can burn up to 1,000 calories in one workout! most of the time it's between 300-700
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I have a lot of equipment and I try to combine the chores with exercise.  I set up a pull up bar and do some of those or leg raises when I pass through that door, heft a dumbbell for reps of one exercise or another..
I once scrubbed my whole floor while in plank position!  I had been very distraught about not having time to workout and do the floor, so I did both.  It was as intense as a workout alone, but scrubbing the floor suddenly became fun!
The kids and I dance a lot or do yoga together!
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