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How do you divide labor in your house?

Always interesting to me how other couples do it.   I definitely got the short end of the stick in our house.  
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I work part-time and DH works a full-time job and has his own company on the side...so, I get most all household chores.  DH is responsible for lawn and house maintenance.  I get all chores.  All 3 of my kids play club soccer all year around, so if DH is not working he helps with practices/games (and really makes every effort to help with practices and tries to make as many games as he can). I do most kid running, school running, etc.  With that said, DH works hard and does help when he is available (don't want it to seem like he sits around while I do most).  I also have this kids pitch in and help with chores.  It is crazy, but I wouldn't change it!  (ok, if I had a magic wand, I would change it some)
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We still live in an apartment, so thank god there's no lawn to worry about just yet lol, or that would be Hubby's job. But he works 12 hours a day just about, and I stay home with baby, so I get done pretty much everything in the house. He'll take the trash out, and he's responsible for loading the laundry so I can take it to the laundromat. But I do everything else. It works for us, he works, while I spend the day caring for baby and the house
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