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Least favorite house task

What is your least favorite thing to do around the house.

I dislike putting away laundry.  I actually enjoy DOING a load of laundry and don't mind folding it. But putting it away?  Hate that.   Also not a fan of unloading the dishwasher.  Mine is full right now and I need to get on it.  Kids do the silverware basket but I do the rest . . .   boo
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I agree with the enjoying loading the laundry and such, but its the folding and putting away part I can't stand. Ugh it drives me crazy, I just feel like there are so many better things I could be doing. That and vacuuming my stairs, just so tedious
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Ugh, the stairs. yes, that is a pain too.  I've never had a dog that sheds until recently.  I guess I was lucky before.  LOL  Our current fur baby does shed and for a small dog, it seems like a lot.  And for some reason, it collects on the stairs.  I vacuum them but I also take a damp cloth and wipe them which picks up a lot of the hair.  It's like a daily job.  good times
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Laundry, most definitely!!
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New one to add . . .  have a dog?  Cleaning up dog doo so kids don't step in it.  :>0
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I do not have a dog, for that reason, lol!! Plus my kids both hate dogs with a passion right now, so we're in the clear for now
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I love doing laundry.. washing and folding.  I hate to put it away.  I make my kids put it away while I supervise and help direct.
I don't have a dishwasher, and sometimes don't like washing the dishes when I know I'll have to stop/start often.  I timed myself and sink full takes less than 10 minutes from start to stop though, and that makes the idea easier to digest.

I have tried to tell myself I should get rid of clothes and I look through mine, but I can't find any I might not need! :/
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I hate laundry lol :(
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