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Picture it . . ..

Everyone has just left the house for FOUR solid hours on Sunday afternoon.   Husband has taken the kids on an outing and you are IN THE HOUSE BY  YOURSELF!!  What are you going to do??  What do you do first (after you breath a sigh of enjoyment).  
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I am a single mother with primary custody, this happens rarely--I don't have kids, work, or obligations to be anywhere else.  I decompress a little and tackle a list of things I want to get done.  If its for four hours, I might use all four to decompress and just "veg" out.
If it was a surprise occurrence...
I think what it'd look like is me pacing around figuring out what to do.... Then deciding I need to unwind, finding a way to get comfortable. Convincing myself the chores can wait, allowing thoughts flow through my head, coming to peace, then doing something I enjoy or need/want to accomplish.  I do enjoy "me" time, but sometimes its such a foreign concept I always feel as though I have to fill those hours doing something, anything for anyone and everyone else.
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A good way for me to decompress is a long bike ride, run, or workout.  :)  It clears my mind!
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My best rule when this occurs, is to put my phone in airplane mode! ;)
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Phone on airplane mode is a great idea!!  

So, I have to admit that when I'm in the house alone, I go for cleaning first.  If there is time left over, then I sit and watch a movie (or start one to finish later).  

And if I have more than 4 hours, I go for cleaning and then a project and THEN a movie.  But often I miss the movie part with this because projects take longer often than I anticipate.  

My friends think I'm nuts for this.  My husband does too.  But it is SO much better to relax when I feel the house is in good shape than not. :>)  
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