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What movies do you like to watch as a family?

Family movie night is a fun night at our house. What kinds of movies do you watch as a family?  What are your favorites?  
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OH, and what do you watch after the kids go to bed?
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We don't have cable tv at my house, so we watch only dvds.  I don't mind watching a lot of the Barbie movies, and some Veggie Tales, and a lot of the Pixar ones.  I generally tune out what they watch once I deem it acceptable or watch and discuss with them.

I watch anything and everything except horror/thriller movies.  My favorite genre of late has been my tried and true chick flicks.. How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days, Monster In Law, The Sweetest Thing...  I'm watching 2 Fast 2 Furious right now, for what seems like the first time ever, it's only background noise since I don't have a radio in this room.  :)

My favorite NEW movie is Wild with Reese Witherspoon.  I really enjoyed that!
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We watch a variety in our house...Disney, Pixar, and all other kid-related movies.  However, now that my oldest is a teenager, we watch most all movies.  I shamefully admit letting my younger 2 watch movies I would NEVER have let my oldest watch at their age.  We watch scary movies together, and always regret that decision when younger dude won't even walk into another room by himself during the day.  We are not conventional in our family movie time as it can range from Frozen to The Heat.  I have learned that watching some of these together opens up conversation.

So, adult movie time isn't much different....honestly.  However, when I am folding laundry or doing something else by myself, I do enjoy me some chick flicks and have been known to cry at many a Hallmark movies.
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Oh, some family favorites are the Percy Jackson's, Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, Hunger Games movies and my daughter and I are huge Twilight fans.
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No one in my house has gotten into the Twighlight series yet.  I have a friend telling me I should though.

I loved the movie Big Hero 6.  Made techy nerds seem cool which was good for my kids to see.  (they are into robotics and circuit building, virtual surgery, weird stuff).

So, I do like most Disney movies but they are a tad predictable.  

My boys love all things super heros and yes, we've seen things that might not have been great to see . ..  but they loved them. The Dark Knight series.  They like all the Batman movies no matter how cheesy, even the George Clooney one. Thor, Ironman, Captain America.  They are excited Ant Man comes out on Friday.  And Pixels after that. I don't mind these movies either.  :>)

Then we watched the Book of Life this weekend.  Pretty cool little animated movie.  
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