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What's for dinner?

I need ideas for some dinner meals that fit into healthy eating!  any suggestions?
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We eat fairly healthy, but we like our pizza, pasta, or hamburger nights as well.  A frittata is always a good, healthy option.  My family loves any type of breakfast food for dinner.  Also, I must admit to being the queen of store bought roasted chicken,,,not as healthy as making my own, but by the time we eat some for dinner, there is usually enough left to pick off and turn into a casserole the next day. Chicken tacos. When in a rut, I also search allrecipes.com.  This is my go-to site.

I will have to see what recipes I have to post. Do you have any "go-to's"?
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I have a few 'go to's'.  I'll post them in a bit.  

My family likes burritos.  So, the kids eat refried beans (I have to blend them in the blender though as my son with sensory integration disorder does NOT like to find a whole bean in his burrito . . .   and really, blended beans until they are almost like a bean sauce is not attractive  --  very bathroom like.  haha, sorry for the visual).  Then I heat black beans and wrap those in a multigrain tortilla with vegis for myself and husband.  we have that like once a week.  So easy and fast and we all like it.

My girlfriend tried a Make your own nacho night.  She used some chicken mixed with taco seasoning as a topping, some ground beef, some beans, lettuce, tomato, different types of cheeses and vegis.  She said it was a big hit.  I think I'll try that in the near future.  Not sure how healthy it is but kind of a festive Friday night type of dinner that would be fun.  
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Hey Ladies,

A go to dinner for us is nearly impossible these days with our little munchkin.  I tend to make most of 2 dinners in one afternoon. For example this evening I made enchiladas and will use most of the same ingredients (your choice of meat, cheese, your choice of tortillas) for tacos the following night. Assembly is so quick and easy once the meat is cooked/seasoned. Dropping chicken or beef in a crock pot to cook and shred is sim
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Oops M pushed the send button on my phone.

Simple.  Olives, cheese, onions or whatever you fancy for added flavor. My husband is a very particular eater. We use as much organic foods as possible for the babies sake. Once enchiladas are assembled you can put in the fridge and heat for 10-15 min in the oven when your ready to eat. You can make them as healthy or as junkie as you like.  Heat tortillas on the gas stove or griddle if you have a vintage stove and heat meat for night #2 and use some of the other ingredients for your tacos.
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Oh, that sounds delicious!!  Enchiladas are a great idea.

I'm making a crock pot dinner tonight.  It's maybe not the healthiest though but the whole family eats it.  I got a beef round roast and I buy it lean and then trim any fat off.  Put in slow cooker.  Then I use a spoonful of the bottled minced garlic. Then a bottle of Chili Sauce plus a small can of coke.  You wouldn't believe what a delicious sauce it makes!  Then you can put it over whole wheat or vegi noodles or eggless egg noodles (how do they do that?) and then have to say on my cheat day, I put it over mashed potatoes.  It's pretty delish and kids gobble it up (sign of a successful dinner made at my house.  .   .  one of my kids is REALLY picky!)
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