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Who has a picky eater at home?

Oh my gosh, my son!  Years of frustration and challenging eating.  I don't fully blame him . . .   he has sensory issues and as a little one had motor planning issues so couldn't chew well and would gag and choke on food so he developed a memory gag reflex.  We actually worked with an eating specialist.  But needless to say, it has been some work over the years!!

So, the rest of us love spaghetti.  Good old spaghetti with red sauce.  I had a major mom high fiving herself moment when I came up with what to give my sensory son who loathes red sauce.  I took out some of the crumbled hamburger--  just plain hamburger and put it on the vegi noodles (we use vegi noodles or whole wheat) and then put parmesan cheese on it for him.  He ate THREE big bowls of it.  The rest of us had our red sauce spaghetti.  

Little proud of me for coming up with that.

What kinds of kid friendly meals do you all make?
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