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favorite Family Vacations

What have been some of your favorite family vacations?  Big ones, little ones, things you did when you had a 'staycation' in the back yard?
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I love taking them camping, you have to keep in mind though, that if they are young, it is more about them than you.  Use the hour after bedtime for you and your significant other for grown up time, but otherwise, activities that are geared towards the kids and family fun.

So far this year, we had:
A STAYCATION (snowbound - big sleepover in the living room, movies, playing in the snow, coloring, crafts, hot chocolate, board games, puzzles)

CAMPING - went to a family campground where there were two playgrounds, mini golf, a magician act, gaga pit, a pool, and the usual hiking/biking trails

BEACH - hotel pool, the beach - sand castles, playing in the surf, walking the boardwalk, ice cream, and a night to dine out.

I am a single mother on a tight budget, but I paired up with my boyf for two trips and another mommy friend for another.. we made meals at the hotel or camp ground, and just had got old family fun.

Keeping the electronic devices out of it gave me the time and attention to spend with them, and predict and keep them engaged and also predict any issues that would arise.

I also set expectations so they knew how to behave, etc.  And bedtime was also an issue.  I made sure that they knew the fun was contingent on good behaviour--especially bed time behaviour.  I'm a time out giver, and I stick to it.  I don't mean time out when we get back to the hotel/tent/etc., I mean right then and there time out while everyone is having fun.  I rarely need to use it, although in the middle of an amusement park I did have to make my younger daughter stand in front of a tree for her time out, so the rest of the time we called time out "look at a tree".  They remember that and avoid it! :)
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