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I don’t have much chances to get back my hearing

I experienced a sudden hearing loss ( SHL ) about 9 months ago. My regular health care provider prescribed some antibiotics since I had a bacterial infection. Two weeks later, I went to a local ENT to check this and they referred me to Hearing Solutions in Canada to do further tests. They explained to me that mine was an unfortunate case and I have both hearing loss and vertigo. They asked me to take a fall prevention therapy which could help to regain my balance. But it seems like I don’t have much chances to get back my hearing. Unfortunately, they are true. I am now experiencing a high frequency loss in my both ears and I have started using the hearing aids.
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Loss of hearing in the higher frequencies, generally considered frequencies over 8 thousand hertz is very common among older people (me) and others who have subjected their hearing to very loud noise, music and hand-grenades come to mind.  This type of hearing loss is normally treated with hearing aids that give a boost to the frequencies that the person has lost sensitivity to.

Hearing is a complex process involving the "mechanics" of the ear and "mental processing" in the brain.  

I have found hearing aids very helpful and I both hear things that were not heard at all and hear speech much better, thus I understand what is said by another person (radio/tv/person) much better, and at lower volume.
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