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Can hearing aids help?

I am experiencing ringing in my right ear for 2 weeks and when I consulted doctor, he said me I had a slight outside ear contamination and gave me a few drops for that and eustachian tube dysfunction as well. I had drops and it was alright, yet after a few days it began again. My doctor suggested me to consult an audiologist and I consulted a specialist at Westside Audiology Calgary. found my eustachian tube got plugged and it is almost closed now. What should I do? Will a hearing aid help me as he suggested?
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The ringing in your right ear could be a form of tinnitus. That's when you can hear sound or noise not coming from an outside source within your head or ears.

Hearing aids is a popular method of treatment for tinnitus and although it doesn't necessarily provide a cure it does alleviate some of the problem by taking attention away from the sounds.

It's worth consulting more with an audiologist about but if you'd like to look into it for yourself, this is a great website http://www.nhc.com.au/how-hearing-works#6
Yes, hearing aids help to those people who have hearing loss or problem-related to hearing.It is a fact that hearing loss is the third most common physical condition affecting people of all ages. Another quick statistic about hearing tells us that about 30% of adult aged 70 & older have not ever used hearing aids. The percentage goes 16% for the age group 20-69. These digital machines & wireless devices can offer dramatic increase for the most of the people suffering from hearing loss. So why not start using them & enjoy life better.

Hearing aids are a small machine that helps deaf people to hear louder and clearer. When people are facing trouble to hearing, its help to improve your hearing by amplifying soft sounds. It won’t make you hearing perfect but they make sound clear. It has five component and they are packaged into several different styles of hearing machines. Using these devices, people can hear properly in any environment.

benefits of hearing aids:-

1. It doesn’t restore things back to normal but improves it significantly. It increases your safety.
2. Treating hearing loss with hearing aids may slow the cognitive decline.
3. Its make things easier. There is no need for any announcement or repeat the conversation.
4. Improve your physical well being at a social gathering.
5. It helps to get better mental health.
6. With help of that, you can easily find a source of sound (localization)
Thank you for sharing such information.
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