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Crackling/Popping/Clicking right ear after follow-up Mastoidectomy - advice...


I had follow up mastoid surgery (mastoidectomy) in March of this year, after initially having successful surgery to remove cholesteatoma in 2007. I opted for a follow up operation in March to try and remove fluid in my middle ear (which was causing blockage/constant changing of pressure), and to try and improve hearing, which was 80% in right ear. Since the op, my ear is constantly popping and changing pressure, as well as clicking sensations on jaw movements (i.e when speaking or eating). The hearing improves after pinching nose and blowing to change pressure, but soon goes back to feeling blocked and constantly popping throughout the day. Its very irritating. It feels like fluid/blockage in the eustachian tube, but I am not 100% sure. My consultant couldnt confirm this last time I saw her in mid August.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Is there anything anyone can recommend to help with this before I go back to see my Consultant in December?

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Hi, thanks for your response. I spoke to my surgeon last week and she said there is nothing she can do to improve the function of the eustachian tube. I had a grommet inserted 2 years ago but then had it removed in April of this year as it didnt help, actually it made the hearing slightly worse.

Can you recommend any treatments that may help the pressure & function of the eustachian tube?
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Hello, thank you for using this forum.  It sounds like you need to discuss this with your otologist/surgeon.  Your symptoms do sound consistent with Eustachian tube dysfunction in which if so, your otologist can help you with that.  I would suggest you give them a call and discuss your symptoms. Hopefully they will suggest that you come in sooner than your december follow up.

Thank you,
Rachele M. Orsini Au.D.
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