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Ear surgery

Hi, I have a question regarding my ear. I had a tympanoplasty surgery a month ago. Now, I'm having a very bad itching inside of my ear. Is that a part of healing or it has an infection?
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Thank you for replying to me. I saw my ENT doctor today. She told me everything is going well in my ear, but she had no idea why I have itching! However, I got a problem in my other ear. I had a typmpanpstay surgery in my other ear last December. Everything was ok until last month. I have had a fungual infection in my ear and unfortunately it's so destructive as she told me :( She had no idea why I have this infection and why it messed up my eardrum and made a big hole in it. She prescribed me ear drops and she'll wait now for a while to see if ill get another infection in my other ear (the one in which I had the surgery recently)! And, She may do another surgery for it in the future to fix it.

I am wondering if you have any idea about why I get this fungual infection? And, How could I take care of my other ear, so it won't be infected later?! I don't swim and I don't allow water to get into my ears while showering.

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Hi Sashadah,

Welcome! That is a great question.

Honestly, it could be either. A month is a bit late for itching due to healing, but it is possible. I have a friend who swears one of her scars still occasionally itches--ten years after her surgery!

But infection is a distinct possibility, maybe more likely. I would get in to see your ENT again, have him take a look.

Let us know how it goes. Take care.
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