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Had a .308 rifle go off by my ear..

I had a rifle 308. Go off by my ear.i had very temporary ear ringing but it has felt like I have cotton in my right ear. It is better than it was it happened 6 days ago. It is kinda sore and really itchy. Been to the Dr and they said I have ear wax against my ear drum but everything else looks ok. Anyone know how long before the full feeling will go away?
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Came here looking for help on my hearing problem, noting that there are few answers or opinions here.  I respond to your post of a few months back hoping you are doing better.  First I'd think one rifle shot near the ear, say only the distance between the shooter and the muzzle, would likely not seriously damage the ear.  Wax can be cleaned at home using special kits sold a pharmacy or as for me use hydrogen peroxide, let it soak for a few minutes and rinse with warm water using an ear syringe.
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