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Hearing Goes Out from Straning/Activities that Increase Intracranial Pressure?

As a first note I've been diagnosed with migraines in my inner ears and muscle spasms in my head and neck region that are causing bouts of fluctuating hearing loss and vertigo.  There is also a chance that I have lyme disease or fibro that is to blame for causing my migraines and my inner ear problems.

My hearing has the habit of going out when exposed to sudden loud noises, but it also goes out routinely if I exert myself or put too much pressure on my head or neck region.  For instance, my low frequency hearing can be affected by bending over, stretching, trying to move heavy objects, trying to pry something open, and even trying to tuck my legs up when I am sitting on a nice comfy chair.  All of these activities, as I am aware, have an affect on my intracranial pressure, and I am aware that the fluid in the inner ear may be affected by elevated intracranial pressure in some circumstances.  

Is there some pathology that might explain my inner ear's strange reaction to these activities?  As another note there is nothing wrong with my outer or middle ear, so this isn't due to congestion, fluid, or allergies.  
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