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Hearing loss during workout

The other day while I was working out, I stopped to take a breather after my first set and when I did my hearing started to diminish.  It was not accompanied by a ringing sound or anything like that, it simply became more and more muffled over the course of about 15 to 30 seconds until I could barely hear anything at all.  My body felt slightly numb but not overly so while this was happening.  The whole event lasted about 5 minutes and then my hearing returned.  Suffice it to say I suspended my workout routine, I spent the rest of the day feeling somewhat groggy and I had a mild headache.

Does anyone have any idea what this might have been?  It’s the first time anything like this has happened and I’m reluctant to resume my workout routine until I’m sure everything is ok.
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Are you eating properly?  Are you taking weird protein supplements sold in the gym?

My 17 year old son had episodes where he lost hearing during weightlifting,  and then it got worse - he began fainting.  

After exhaustive tests,  the docs said if you start to lose hearing,  STOP.  You're doing WAY TOO MUCH.  

Interesting,  this stuff happened to my son when he was on his back lifting weights.  You don't say that,  but it sounds like that's what you're doing too?  If so,  you're doing too much.
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No supplements. I stretched, warmed up and got my circulation going, and I was standing upright doing alternating dumbbell curls to target my biceps.  I had just finished the first set when this happened.  I guess it is possible I could have over done it seeing as this is only the 4th or 5th time I’ve worked out.

I was a smoker for 7 years up until 5 months ago, which caused me mild heart palpitations, so at first I suspected some sort of heart issue when my hearing went, but I recall checking my pulse when I lost my hearing and it was strong, regular and steady.

Did your son’s episodes ever stop?
This has been happening to me, too! It used to happen in the gym when I was weight lifting but since then I've been working out at home using lighter weights & higher reps but I still have this problem! Pulse is great, I feel good but my hearing just starts fading out of nowhere! I stopped taking all supplements to see if it would help but it makes no difference. I'm ALWAYS well hydrated. Drink at least 110 oz of water throughout the entire day so it's not dehydration which some people suggest. I even went to my doctor about it & all she did was look inside my ears, tell me there's no fluid & just to "take it easy"  during my workouts. Makes no sense.
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He stopped working out in that way.  He's a Rugby player,  and if you know anything about Rugby,  these guys are like cavemen.  They run around on broken limbs.  ;D   He hasn't had a recurrance since he stopped lifting weights.  

I don't know how to explain it physically,  but there's something about being in one place lifting weights that caused this in both you and my son.  
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read the article, you will find some answers there
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This happened to me last week while doing squats in a cardio sculpture class.
I stopped for a few seconds for my hearing to come back, when it did I kept going. On another occasion it happed while running suicides on a tennis court.
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