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Inner ear infection

Hi there
I wondered if I could please get some help with this issue I have been having for the past two months.Two months ago I woke up feeling numb in the right hand side of my head and my ear was ringing like crazy, I went to the doctors and he said he could see nothing in my ear. I went on holiday and it rung the entire time I was there. I came back and another said it was inflammed, and gave me Amoxicillin which got rid of the inflamation and the ringing. I then got the flu, and it was taking its time to go away, my fear was the infection in the ear was still there, I was right. I saw another doctor who tried me on an antibiotic, however it was too strong and I had a bad reaction. I was then put on Cefaclor which is meant to be great for Sinustis and Ear infections, however my ear is STILL ringing after four days of taking it, it's meant to work within 48 hours. I feel dizzy, depressed, have vertigo, and have migranes with it. I am not sure what to do. My ear is constantly ringing, and I feel generally exhasted, it feels very bunged up and it hurts a fair bit, I also feel sick with the dizzyness and my hearts racing.
Do any of you know of an antibiotic which could help me? I don't really want to take antibiotics for too long else it will kill my immune system, but I want to be back to normal soon so I can work!!
if any one could advice me I would be so grateful as it's turning into a big problem and effecting my everyday life now. I have tightness all over my limbs and tightness at the back of my throat and it feels like I constantly run down. please help
Laura. x
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