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Is there hope to regain my hearing loss after car accident?

2 months I was involved in a car accident.  I will spare you the entire story but I hit the concrete after hanging on to a cars hood (who tried to run me over) and I broke my legs and cracked my skull.  The impact left me with a shattered heel and torn achilles on the left foot that required surgery, right foot had some minor fractures and the skull fracture caused bleeding in my head and bruised my frontal lobe.

The skull fracture cracked all around inside my head, and it went right through my right inner ear.  At the moment I have regained a slight vibration feeling in that ear, but the doctors say because the inner ear bones were moved/cracked and some nervers were severed, that there is no chance for it to come back.

I will be getting my first hearing aid device in 2 weeks, the one that transmits sounds from my right side to a receiver on my left ear.

That is great and all, but I'm starting my quest to understand the damage, as well as any surgeries or implants I can get to restore it.  I am hopeful there is something out there, but also coming to terms to the new me.

Anyone have any thoughts or advice?  I am going to bring up tympanoplasty to my doctor when I'm there next, and I may seek a 2nd opinion as well.  thanks!
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Hello, Thank you for using this forum. What a terrible accident you were in! Glad you have made it through your injuries.

Unforuntately the likelihood of you regaining your hearing is slim to none.  There are several things that could have happened to your ear during this accident and it is up to a neuro-otologist to really find out which one it could be.  Here are a few scenarios that could have happened to you:

1. Your tympanic membrane (eardrum) could have ruptured due to the head injury. This is typically repaired with a tympanoplasty.   This is most likely not what happened to you or the Audiologist or otologist would have picked this up from you visit.This would be the easiest problem to fix if it were the case but I do not think that is what has happened to you.

2. You could have broken/shattered your middle ear bones.  This is also typically repariable with a surgery and is also identified by a specific pattern on your audiogram and through imaging.

3. Most likely you have suffered a transcranial skull fracture that obliterated your hearing nerve and unfortunately there is no surgery for this that will restore your hearing; however there are devices both implantable and non-implanted that you can consider.

-Cross hearing aid - this is the hearing aid that you are describing and going to be fit with.
-Baha-this is called a bone anchored hearing aid and is often used to help aid single sided deafness. This is an implanted device that also has a visible exterior device.  You can find out more about baha at www.cochlear.com
There are other implantable hearing devices out there on the market but I would caution you and urge you to do your research prior to having any form of ear surgery/implanted device.

You can review these options with your hearing care provider and better yet to have a second opinion with a Neuro-otologist.

I hope this answer was helpful! Good Luck!

Rachele M. Orsini, Au.D.
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