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My father has tinitus, so I've always taken precautions to prevent hearing damage because Ive seen the effect it has had on his life. I limit my attendance to loud events such as concerts and nightclubs to about 2 times a year, and usually I wear earplugs as well. Last night, I went to a nightclub and forgot earplugs. Afterwards, my hearing was muffled, as was everyone elses. It "restored" soon enough, but Im curious whether or not hearing is typically restored to the same level as it was prior to the exposure? In addition, is one night out at a club/concert (2-3 hours) enough to cause noticeable damage if done as infrequently as twice a year?
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I have tinnitus which began due to my career in the recording biz back in the old days.  Going to rock concerts/clubs didn't help, flying when I had a cold didn't help, later in life I owned a business with machines and after 30 years the noise  began and it get's worse each day.  If you protect your ears as you described and keep the exposure low and avoid walking around with a cell phone plugged in your ear all day...you should be ok.  Unfortunately there is no cure yet.
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