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Otosclerosis or?

I've had hearing problems since I was a kid. Almost no hearing on my left ear and lets say about 60% hearing on my right. I don't remember much of what happened then but that I was in and out of hospitals doing tests and my parents, namely my mom refused surgery, opting for natural remedies and since then we've tried everything.

A chiropractor got my hearing on my right ear to about 90% and my left ear is better now too, about 20-30% but I still have a problem. From what I've always known, the middle bones in my ear are glued together, so they cannot produce vibrations and I have no liquid in my ear (that causes balance)

Now, about 4 years ago, I was supposed to go for surgery, but due to lack of money on my parents end, we stayed in our home country (with doctors that are terrible at best) so that was a fail as when they were done with surgery (they were supposed to find out what brace I need for my ear, and to implant it) they told my parents that they still don't know and have to do it again to be sure. Oh and they didn't have the braces in stock at the hospital but would have to order.

My parents appalled at the service, opted to not do surgery there again. On the medical paper from the hospital, I supposedly have otosclerosis. But I'm confused, I don't have ringing (tinitus) in my ears, and my hearing has not gotten any worse (or not that I noticed) and it hasn't progressed to the other ear. Were they right, is it possible to not have those symptoms? What could be wrong?

I'm going next month for surgery (22 now), but this time round we got a recommendation on a doctor and my parents have found a way to finance the surgery and hopefully everything will go well. I've just realized how little I know about my condition and my parents are almost as clueless and I hate it.
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Hi, it sounds like you have had a number of challenges over the years but it looks like you have finally achieved a diagnosis and a treatment plan.  With the surgery scheduled in a matter of weeks, you have every reason to be optimistic!  This procedure is well established and has history of success, and so things should turn around for you very soon.  As with most conditions, there can be some differences in symptoms from person to person so its not surprising that you have some questions about otosclerosis. Your physician has made the diagnosis so you are on the right path.  Good luck to you!
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Oh and I've worn implants as a kid, but when I left the public school I was at (I used to live in the US) I didn't wear them anymore. And my mom said they'd be useless now as they'd only increase volume, but my problem is certain frequencies as well, so they wouldn't be entirely useful.
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