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Please Help! Is this a hearing disorder or am I crazy?

I think I might have a hearing problem Im not sure but I often have to ask people to repeat what they say I can hear them but I dont understand my real issue is sometimes when I am talking I can hear myself speaking loud and clear even when I feel like I am yelling but the person I am speaking to can't hear what I said I used to think I was being ignored or something is wrong with there hearing my mom always say that I am mumbling and not speaking loud enough but I can hear myself speaking loud and clear I used to think is was not a big deal but lately It has been causing strain and stress in my relationships with people I get into alot of arguments because I know I said something and they say I didn't say I didn't and I know I said what ever it was so they think I crazy and I think the same about them I did some research but I never heard of anything or anyone that has this problem I have If anyone out there heard of something like this please guide me in the right direction this as I am geting older I starting to reconize this more I guess I had this problem since I was a child but now it is causing me much stress and low self esteem.
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Your statement suggests that you do have a hearing problem, but you need to get tested to know for sure. Go see your local audiologist for a consult. They are qualified, and have fairly reasonable rates. If not, see an ENT that has an Audiologist on staff, and use your insurance if you have coverage.
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