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Ringing in ears: is there a cure?

I developed constant ringing in my ears. I did my own research and found out it is tinnitus.  There are also certain sound pitches that I can't STAND at all and they hurt my head.  For example, forks and knives on plates.

If I go to a hearing office and have them do a hearing test, will they be able to help me or is there no cure for this problem?

Thank you.
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I wouldn't go to a place that sells hearing aids and have their standard tests, I would go to an ear, nose, throat doctor.  I have heard there is a surgery that makes some kind of patch in the eardrum or something with fat from somewhere else in the body ... sorry, but it has been so long since I heard it mentioned that I cannot remember if it was for tinnitus or for inner-ear disturbance.  I think most ear doctors will tell you tinnitus is not curable, but there are devices to mask the sound with white noise.
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Okay, Thanks!
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