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Ringing in my left ear

It all started when I was in a bus for 3 hours or so. I was listening to a song with a high pitched xylophone as the intro instrumental. I listened to the song for a while and then after listening to the song, I could hear the faint high pitched xylophone despite the music not playing anymore. When I stepped out of the bus, it was gone.

Then a few days after, I was at a coffee shop and I was listening to different songs and when I removed my headphones, I could hear this ringing sound on my left ear again. I suspected it was the sound system or the coffee makers but no one made a fuss about it. It might be just me. I decided to listen to music again and the sound was blocked out but when I paused or lowered the volume, I could hear it. When I left the coffee shop, the ringing sound was gone.

And just now, while eating, the television was on. I heard another ringing sound. I was with our maid's grandson and he didn't seem to notice. I turned off the television and the ringing disappeared. I turned it on again and it came back. I left the kitchen and the sound completely went away.

I listen to music quite loudly; I listen to a lot of house music and all that. Especially with earphones. Could that be the cause?
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Sorry, I forgot to add this bit of info: The ringing sound is not loud, it's faint but you can hear it.
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you are experiencing whats called tinnitus, a sign that you are damaging your hearing from listening to the music too loud for too long. bit of advice turn the volume down. you don't want permanent tinnitus and hearing loss like the many of us out there. tinnitus can be mild or really bad, like a siren in your ear 24/7. look after your ears or say good by to silence.
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