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I Have Otoschlerosis. Seems It's Hereditary and I cant Do anything to Slow it Down.
I Have a Definate Conductive Loss.
I am Waiting For a Stapendectomy on the Health Service.
However, I Had One Done 20 Year ago.
Anyone Had a Stapendectomy Re-done. Did You Experience Sudden Hearing Loss years Later?
What was the Result/Experience of Re-doing Operation??

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I Found This Website.
There is Video Footage of the Operation.
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My ENT is a stapes surgeon .
His name is Dr.Jerry Halik and he is regarded as the best stapes guy in Canada.
So much so that more than half of all stapes surgeries in the country
travel to his clinic in Stouffville for the procedure.
Look him up on the net. I wonder if your insurance would cover having
it done here.He goes around the world teaching at various universities
he was just in London U.K. last month teaching some procedure somewhere.
He did some stuff in Ireland as well. I bet he knows a top stapes guy there if
you need a good recommendation.
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Thanks, He Sounds great. I will see who they get me here, If I am not satisfied, I am prepared to Travel. Money is no option. Thanks again
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I Have Found a Stapes Surgeon. J.Lancer/Rotheram/UK.
He Has Done >400 Operations. and Trained with a Prof Fisch/Germanyfor 6 Months.

Anyone Know How Many op's Makes Surgeon More Reliable in This Delicate Procedure?
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I just had a stapendectomy by Dr. Jerry Halik can anyone answer some questions regarding how long it takes for the swelling to go down and the tinnitus to go away.
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80% of all those over 60 have some degree of hearing loss. It is the ageing process and there is diddle you can do about it.

That said, the results of a stapes surgery usually last around 7 years. Your question was, can the docter tell if the hearing loss is due to the failed surgery....

The answer is yes and no. You need a full hearing evaluation. Truth be known, most every one I have ever seen with that type of surgery, eventually end up with hearing aids. You may want to start to accept that & investigate that path as well.

NO SURGERY will restore the damge done to the cochlea that ageing does.... no drugs, nothing.
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Stapedectomy is an incredibly effective operation.  Depending on the bone thresholds, after surgery often a hearing aid is NOT necessary.  Stapedectomy often has lifelong results.  

A 30-45 minute surgery can provide, for the properly chosen patient, an alternative to a hearing aid.  I have many patients who never used hearing aids after their stapedectomies and have never required revision.

Hope this helps.  Good luck!

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advice - the information presented is for patients education only.
Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your
individual case.
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