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Total deafness

Hello I recently left hospital due to septic shock.
I have now due to the antibiotics given to me to deal with the infection total deafness on my right side accompanied by tinnitus on the same side also.
From what I have been reading on the net I am so very lucky not to have gone completely deaf on both sides due to the medication, but I am also reading that the antibiotics can still cause me to go deaf on the left side also weeks/months after the treatment.
I have an appointment with ENT consultant in 3 weeks time, but I cannot wait that long for an answer to this, I am thinking that I can at any moment still go totally deaf on my left side also, I am not sleeping etc etc
Please am I still in danger of going deaf on my other side also or was I just lucky and have the one sided deafness to deal with.

regards Mark
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Some medications are ototoxic- have a side effect of hearing loss and/or tinnitus. If you are experiencing this, you should contact your doctor immediately to discuss. Sometimes they will monitor, but often the dosage can be adjusted.
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Since I left the hospital I have not been on any medication so it is not a case of them adjusting any ototoxic meds I might be taking.
I take no ototoxic meds at all at the moment, I just need to know if the ototoxic antibiotics I was given in hospital will keep working in my body weeks months down the line and eventually cause deafness in both my ears, sorry for the confusion.
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The ototoxic medication is not sustained in your system. It should not continue any further damage to your hearing. Be sure to take care of your ears to prevent any further hearing loss (ie noise exposure).
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