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Unfamiliar problem with my hearing.

Okay I need help, I'm a rocker kid, heavy into music and such. Recently I've been having trouble with my hearing, and since I'm in a band and my passion is heavily in music and alternative culture, that's something that just won't fly for me. I don't believe I'm experiencing hearing loss Per Se, I mean I can still hear everything, but it seems like I'm having trouble focusing in on sounds. Like different layers of sound are blending in with each other. I have an example: I used to be able to pick out instruments and such in a music recording, get really into each one and the specific note that's playing and such, I have a unique talent for recognizing many layers of audio. But recently like when i listen to music or something it sounds like everything drowns each other out. Like I can hear it all still, at proper volume and everything, but something just feels distant about it and I can't really get into my jams any more because it all sounds like somethings missing. Like the sound is shallow. idk what this is and theres no search results for something like this online. Also sometimes my ears feel like they get tight when theres sound around and that didn't used to happen. I will point out that I have been having an insomnia crisis as of late and have recently gotten over a nasty cold with really bad sinus problems, plus I've been struggleing to keep up with hydration and it's below freezing in Colorado right now. I had an ear infection right before christmas time began. I don't know if these are contributing factors but I'm hoping to see if itll help someone tell me whats wrong. I hope it's not my music volume... I also realize that my Asperger's makes me more subseptible so unfamiliar sensations so it could be just a minor thing that I'm noticing because of that. But please HELP. I'm parinoid this is a major problem I wanna know what it is and what I can do
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