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Vestibular loss

Hello, sorry my question isn't about hearing loss but this is the only suitable place I could find.

I'll just put this in point form:

Clear CT and MRI
Normal standard blood tests
Normal hearing test aside from minor tinnitus equal in both ears
Near total vestibular loss in both ears (caloric stimulation test - no response to warm on both sides, very slight response to ice water on one side)
No vertigo
No headaches
No abnormal fatigue
No other sensory issues
Slightly overweight but exercise daily (cardio and weights)
Non drinker/non smoker

Most days I feel reasonably good aside for some minor visual jitteriness/blurriness on quick head movements as a result of the vestibular loss.  Most days I can function reasonably normally.  

Here is where I'm really confused:
Symptoms that appear anywhere from once a week to once every two months.  Symptoms begin and rise overnight, and usually peak within 12 hours.  Symptoms take anywhere from 3-10 days to fully resolve.
Symptoms: Zero compensation for the vestibular loss - eyes seem to point exactly where my head faces.  Small head movements make it hard to read the computer screen, large head movements result in just a massive blur.  Sometimes this blurriness and lack of compensation for head rotation occurs only horizontally, other times only vertically, and sometimes both horizontally and vertically.

ENT states that nothing can be done for the vestibular loss.

The day of the ENG tests, I was feeling pretty good, despite the near total loss.  

I'm hoping for some sort of insight as to why the symptoms would swing from nearly unnoticeable one day, to absolutely awful the next, rendering me unable to leave home for days on end. This has been going on for roughly 3 years now. I can't find any triggers such as food or drink, heat, etc...

Thank you.
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I'm sorry to hear that you have this recurring condition.  It sounds like you may be suffering from Meniere's disease, which is known for its fluctuating symptoms.  Many people are able to control this condition with medication.  I would advise that you consult with your physician, or perhaps get a second opinion if you cannot get the answers that you need.
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