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What's wrong with my hearing???

Ok so this may be long, but I've always had messed up hearing, not being able to separate background noise from the noise I'm trying to focus on, hearing words clearly but them not commuting or making any sense, etc. Over the last two years, my hearing has slowly gotten worse, I'm not able to hear people in another room, someone talking to me when only one other person is talking to me. Everything sounds muffled and distant. I took this into my own hands and went to see an audiologist, they say I have 'mild hearing loss' in my right ear. (I call bull nothing about my hearing loss is "mild")  The audiologist said that my inner ear, my cochlea is completely fine and hearing great, but my middle ear isn't picking up as much sound as it should. So they recommended me to go to an ENT, so a month later (hearing got a little worse), the ENT took some tests and looked in my ears, they said 'nothing obviously wrong', no ear infection, my eardrum inst damaged, there's no fluid behind my ears, and no wax build up (if any wax at all). ENT theorized there may be something wrong with my Eustachian Tube, so I've been using a nasal spray for that. Nothing, no change (besides my allergies being non-existent). So now I'm stumped, what the hell is wrong with my hearing. It keeps getting worse, and I don't know what to do. I have another follow-up ENT appointment next week, hopefully, I'll get answers...  
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UPDATE: I've gone to see the ENT and the nose spray didn't work and in fact messed up my breathing for a while.  Now this Tuesday, I'm going to get tubes in hopes that it'll equalize the pressure in my ears. If that doesn't work, well, I guess I'm going deaf or something.
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