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Why does my hearing in right ear sound muffled?

Hi I'm 23, in mid November I got water stuck in my right ear which was unable to drain. I had to go to a doctor to get my ear cleaned and drained(i had a lot of earwax). However it was already infected , I couldnt really hear properly and felt a sensation in that ear. Over a month later , It got better but I still can't hear like I used to. (As if someone turned the volume down a bit on that ear) also it feels clogged and pops a lot. I got it checked by an ear nose throats specialist and my ear is clean. But sometimes it feels as if there is some water blocking it and it also rings. I noticed that especially in the morning when I wake up is when it rings and feels clogged most. Any help would be appreciated
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I have had short periods of such and can related it to using Q-tips with peroxide to clean ears.  I didn't go to the doctor but after a few days hearing returned. However, I note my right ear isn't as good as my left ear even with hearing aids prescribed specifically for each ear.  I will discuss this further when I look at new hearing aids in the near future.
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