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Why is pressure building in my ear?

Hello. I am a 17 year old male. Recently, (within the last 5 years) I have begun to experience issues with my jaw (this pertains to my hearing). These issues began after I was punched in the jaw. My jaw is constantly popping, catching and locking. This is extremely painful. I've been to the dentist and he told me I possibly have TMJ. Just recently, (within a week) I was eating and my jaw caught and produced one of the worst pains i'd ever felt. Seeing as i'd felt this before, it wasn't much cause for concern. But 20 minutes later I noticed when I smile or laugh (stretching my jaw in general), the pressure deep in my left ear builds up. As the pressure gets more intense, the hearing in my ear slowly fades. Are the two related and is there anything I can do to fix it?
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This sounds like it should be addressed by your dentist (possibly oral sugeon or orthodontist). They can diagnose and recommend treatment for the TMJ symptoms. Hope you feel better soon.
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I think, muscles near your upper and lower jaw are misaligned. you may visit neuro-mascular dentist.They deal with the muscles of the mouth.Migrane and neck pain may cause due to misalignment of thees muscles. Please confirm before you act on my suggestion.
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Thank you very much. I appreciate the reply.
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I agree with Dalubaba as you need to see neuro-mascular dentist. Also if possible do meet an ENT specialist, if there is anything related to hearing problem.
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