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Will I eventually lose all hearing?

Hi All:

I have recently been diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. This diagnosis occurred after a severe case of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL).  I actually pretty much went deaf.  (I have hearing in only one ear as I had a vestibular schwanoma removed 5 years ago.)  As some of you know, SSHL is often thought to be caused by your immune system reacting to a virus.  My Neuro-Otologist now believes it is Meniere’s.  An educated guess he says as I have recovered a significant amount of hearing except low frequencies and responded to diuretic.  I have no vertigo.  So, I understand that I am atypical.

From http://www.menieresinfo.com/start.html    : “Meniere's Disease is incurable and progressive (it gets worse over time)…”

There is probably a thread that answers my question, but I have given up trying to find it.  So here is my question:  Will I eventually lose all hearing?  I understand that you are not doctors, but sometimes asking real patients gives one the real answer.  My ENT seems to think it can be managed.

What say readers of this forum?

Also, is there a good Meniere’s Disease forum that someone can recommend?
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OK.  Things got worse.  Suddenly lost 100% speech comprehension on Saturday, April 5.  High dose Dexamasthone has helped significantly, but I am not back to where I was  This shouldn't be happening.  Very strange.
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