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Will my tinnitus, which has begun due to a perforated eardrum, improve?

32  days ago I jumped off a catamaran (small boat). The drop was 6 feet and awkward. Upon impact I felt excruciating pain in my left ear. This was accompanied by hearing loss. I didn't really notice the tinnitus unless the room was silent, however after a week it was loud. I heard it over music.

I have seen an ENT 10 days after the injury. They told me that my eardrum is perforated (30%) and they said the tinnitus was connected to the perforation. The ENT said that there is a 90% chance the perforation will heal on its own- I see him in 3 more weeks to determine if the perforation is healing.

Since I have seen the ENT my tinnitus has been all over the place. I began noticing a high pitched sound in my right ear (GOOD EAR). After a week after the tinnitus started in the right ear, the tinnitus began to reduce in my left ear (YAY). However... about 7-10 days after this change, the tinnitus has returned in my left ear. It is very loud and scaring me. The sound has not stopped in my right ear but it has reduced in volume.

Is this normal? Why has the tinnitus returned in my left ear? It seems to be at a higher pitch, and louder than it ever was before...
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