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Will the clogged feeling in my ear go away?

Last night while working out at the gym, i had small wireless earphones in my ears. While laying on my back and holding a 40lb weight with two hands over my head, i accidently knocked the dumbbell up against my left year and made contact with the earphone. The earphone could only go so far in, i think it just jammed it a little and then bounced off my ear. I was lifting at a slow pace so it did not make vigorous contact, but none the less it hurt for about two minutes but then the pain subsides and i went back to my normal workout. About an hour later my left ear started feeling clogged. This morning i woke up and it felt even more clogged. I’m worried i caused permanent hearing loss to the ear. The hearing is definitely muffled. As fair as pain goes, it doesn’t really hurt, just feels really uncomfortable and makes me really, really anxious. Please let me know what you think and what i should do. Thank you!!
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