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hearing loss

I'm deaf in my left ear and it's going in my right. I've been told I have Menier's or autoimmune, they realy don't know. steroids are to much. mri showed nothing. I'm trying to save what I have left and was hoping for another avenue to take. but I don't know where to go for help.. I've been to ent's-audiologist. and the family doc. I also have an issue with load noises in my head at night and I know it's related. but so far no real help with that either( the steroids did take the noises away for awhile. but did nothing for my hearing...Maybe nuerological?..this has all happened since january 2011..anyone have anything that i can use to go forward???
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hi there,
maybe you should ask doctor if it is otosclerosis. that is easily treated by a stapes operation. i myself have it and due for surgery in november. i have lost 80 percent of my hearing in my left ear. its worth checking out
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You poor thing. This must be very upsetting and confusing.

I'm sure you have googled Meniere's. Did you feel like your symptoms fit?

Autoimmune is awfully broad. It doesn't sound like your doctors have been very helpful.

Did they suggest hearing aids? If so, have they helped?

Have you had an ABR or BAER test done?

Here are some specialties you might consider:
-Audiology (second opinion)
-ENT (second opinion)
-Rheumatology (if it truly is autoimmune, they have experience in this area)

Good luck and keep us posted!
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I'm trying to treat hearing loss from antibiotics.  how can you know if the hearing loss is autoimmune?  can a immunologist help with that?  I'm handicapped and can't work now
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